Pitched Roofing Construction & Maintenance

Man Made Slate

Man made slates are made from fully compressed fibre cement, protected with an acrylic coating and coloured to reproduce the attractive appearance of natural slates. The combination of cement, fibres and water produce a strong, flexible and durable material that can be produced in greater quantity and more economically than traditional building products.

Natural Slate

The rustic look and unsurpassed durability of a slate roof cannot be rivalled by man-made substitutes and these qualities will also reflect in the overall prestige and investment value of your new or old project. Because slate is such a durable material, most of the slates stripped from a roof are likely to be reusable. However, it is common for at least 10% of the slates to require replacement. To maintain the appearance of the roof, the salvaged slates should be used on external roof slopes visible from the ground.

Case Studies